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Fresh Start Fund Gains Support and Need

Posted by Shelby Brewster on Aug 29, 2016 11:55:49 AM

CrossRoadsLogo-1.pngThe CWI Foundation has recently created a Fund Charter for a new program, called the Fresh Start Fund.  This fund is designated to assist clients of Crossroads of Western Iowa, who have basic needs as they come into our services; whether it is residential, employment or our Links program.

Periodically, case managers may contact our Residential Services director, Residential Managers or Coordinators, that may have someone who is in need of our services. Some clients may not have the proper materials to sleep comfortably at night, like bed sheets, night stand, a lamp or even an actual bed to sleep on.

The Fresh Start Fund received an initial gift of $800 for one “kit” to help a client who had nothing to sleep on. This gift came from the Pottawattamie County Community Foundation. Soon after we were awarded the $800 and we found out we had three clients who had needs for a bed and bedding materials.  We were able to apply this $800 toward this purchases for these three clients. 

From the employment services perspective, we often have clients who receive interviews for a position they applied for. Many of our clients will need to find the proper attire in order to prepare for this new job opportunity. With what little money they have, they will need to purchase a professional outfit to wear for their upcoming interview. When a client gets a job and is required to purchase a full uniform in order to begin their job.  This uniform may include a hat, several shirts and several pairs of slacks.  Without having a paycheck, this would inhibit the success of the client to do their work well, so the Fresh Start Fund could help them make this initial purchase and find success as they begin their new job. 

We hope to generate more financial support to help in these situations.  If you know someone who may be interested in donating to the Fresh Start Fund, please contact the CWI Foundation by visiting or 712.642.4114

Thank you!

-Crossroads of Western Iowa