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Join Tom Hanafan in supporting Crossroads of Western Iowa

Posted by Ric Miller on Dec 21, 2015 12:49:14 PM


Greetings to good friends,

Everyday I am asked to support or endorse a new committee, task force or campaign to benefit real and significant needs in our community.  But few have the impact and personal satisfaction as Crossroads of Western Iowa. 


The role that Crossroads plays in empowering the lives of people with intellectual disabilities, serious mental illness and brain injury, is truly remarkable.  The LINKS day program offers hundreds of opportunities each year for clients to volunteer and contribute in the community where they live.  For those in the residential program, Crossroads handpicks the best in rental housing, and provides the clients the opportunity to share rental costs with peers who have similar interests.  The employment services program is truly making a life-changing difference in the lives of the clients who want to work.  The sheltered workshops of the past are going away, replaced by integrated community employment.  And, what's more, these working clients are happy, productive and making above minimum wage.  Many of them are working over 22-24 hours per week, which means they are above the Federal poverty line . . . and as a result, not receiving income from Federal and State funders. 

Won't you join me today with your support of this successful program, and help clients achieve their goals and dreams, and in doing so improve their quality of life!?

Best wishes,

Tom Hanafan, CWI Foundation Board Member                                                                                         Retired Mayor of Council Bluffs, Iowa



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