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Wilsons receive Outstanding Community Partner Award for Advocacy

Posted by Ric Miller on Dec 9, 2015 3:15:49 PM

On Monday, September 28, Crossroads of Western Iowa held its Annual Meeting in Sioux City, Iowa.  With several hundred people in attendance, Crossroads staff was recognized, Crossroads clients were honored, and Outstanding Community Parnter Awards were shared with several key partners in Western Iowa.  Unable to attend due to a scheduling conflict, Angela and Tim Wilson received the Outstanding Community Partner Award for Advocacy and Awareness.  The Wilsons were presented this honor at a private dinner scheduled a few weeks later.  They asked that we share their letter of thanks and acceptance. 

Greetings to all,

We were saddened that we were unable to attend the Annual Meeting this year.  Unfortunately, we had a prior business commitment that we were not able to change.

We are very grateful and blessed to have the privilege of being involved with such a wonderful organization as Crossroads of Western Iowa.  We are honored to accept the 2015 Advocacy and Awareness Award this year.  Advocacy -- the act of supporting.  Awareness -- the knowledge or consciousness of!  Two very powerful words that mean so much especially to the clients of Crossroads.  Our son has attended the LINKS program in Council Bluffs for many years and we can guarantee you that the outpouring of community support and awareness has made a difference in the programs and ability for Crossroads to carry out their mission.  Our son is NOT the only one...there are hundreds of other clients that would not be able to enjoy the quality of life that they have if it wasn't for the dedication and commitment of service provided by the Leadership and Associates of Crossroads of Western Iowa.

With that being said, we would like to thank all of the Associates of Crossroads for the joy you give, the support you provide, the skills you teach, the love in your hearts for our son and the many clients you serve.  It is our hopes and prayes that more individuals throughout the communities you serve and beyond will want to become Advocates of Crossroads in the coming years.

Thank you again for this honor and we look forward to a wonderful and exciting 2016. 

God bless,

Tim and Angela Wilson


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